I н p т р о в е р т Е к с т р а в е р т
C a n d i d C o n s i d e r a t e
I m p u l s i v e C a u t i o u s
E x c i t a b l e R e l a x e d
P r a c t i c a l I m a g i n a t i v e
C o n c r e t e A b s t r a c t

Соцiальна активнiсть: Iнтроверт VS Екстраверт (65-35) Тест з Оцiнки Особистостi

Ви э помiрковано iнтровертною людиною. You have a flexible personality. You are comfortable sitting back and letting others take the spotlight, yet you don't mind if the direction of the conversation is focused on you. Your warm and friendly personality generates respect from others, so if you are put into a leadership role you can certainly handle it. In general, you may not volunteer to speak in front of a group, but if you are in the proper frame of mind, you feel at ease when making a presentation. When you believe in something, you tend to share your thoughts. People enjoy when you do this, because you have a cheerful way about you. At times, you can be adventuresome, but a night home relaxing is just as fun for you. ( transcript ID 6547353 )

Agreeableness: Candid VS Considerate (25-75) Тест з Оцiнки Особистостi

You are moderately considerate. You are an agreeable person. This means that you are well liked and people really enjoy your company. And why wouldn't they? People can sense that you are taking a genuine interest in them and this makes them feel special and as a result, they have high regards for you. With your altruistic personality, you get a lot of practice at making people feel special. In fact, you feel great joy when you help others. Another nice feature you possess is your ability to cooperate. Not everyone can do this, so it is very important in a meeting or social situation to have someone like you present in order to maintain a harmonious situation. This comes from your tendency to want equality and fairness. In dealing with others, you prefer not to manipulate people instead you tend to be open and sincere. This makes you a popular and well-respected individual. ( transcript ID 6547353 )

Self-Control: Impulsive VS Cautious (100-0) Тест з Оцiнки Особистостi

You are very impulsive. You are an independent thinker. You do not need a book of rules to tell you how to behave - you know inside what is right and what is wrong and you act accordingly. You are able to live life spontaneously, because you are able to make decisions without endless deliberation. In fact, when you and another person are making a decision, you are able to reach a solution fairly quickly while the other person has to cautiously plan every step. Eventually, they will agree with you, which is frustrating when your first impulse is usually the correct one in the decision-making process. You tend to be a little more casual, and you do not feel out of sorts when your home or office is not perfectly neat. In general, your life is pleasurable - you know how to have fun and will never be accused of being staid or stuffy. ( transcript ID 6547353 )

Anxiety Level: Excitable VS Relaxed (65-35) Тест з Оцiнки Особистостi

You are moderately excitable. In trying situations, you feel somewhat stressed and frustrated. At times you are able to overcome these feelings, but other times you feel overwhelmed. This could run the gamut of just being in a bad mood to experiencing anxiety, anger, or depression. In general, you prefer a stress-free existence, so that the possibility of negative emotions would not be a factor. You tend to be somewhat self-conscious in social situations, and are worried that people may judge or criticize you. You may react emotionally to people or circumstances that you find threatening, because you want to protect yourself. Every so often you cave into urges or cravings. Sometimes you feel a little guilty about it, other times you are just fine with your fun streak. ( transcript ID 6547353 )

Openness to Change: Practical VS Imaginative (100-0) Тест з Оцiнки Особистостi

You are very practical. You want just the facts - keep it plain and simple. You are practical, pragmatic and well grounded. You have no time for carelessness and impracticality. You prefer to keep your emotions to yourself, rather than exposing your feelings to the world. Life moves along much better for you when you can maintain a schedule and have routine in your life. Unexpected surprises and chaos are a major inconvenience to you. You tend to be conservative and are somewhat resistant to change. Others respect your ability to act properly in your everyday life. ( transcript ID 6547353 )

The way you Think/Reason: Concrete VS Abstract (65-35) Тест з Оцiнки Особистостi

You are moderately concrete in your thinking. Your intellectual style is related to superior job performance when working with the public. One reason for this is that you often prefer dealing with people or things rather than ideas. ( transcript ID 6547353 )

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